South Africa has a wonderful climate. Clear skies, warm days and moderate evenings. Cool in winter, warm in summer and with a long hunting season, there is a time of year best suited to everyone.

Weather Conditions in South Africa

Most of our hunting is done in the fall and winter months, March to November. In early fall daytime highs may reach 80° F and by mid winter you can expect daytime temperatures of 60° to 70°. The early mornings and late evenings can be somewhat cooler especially in June, July, and August where we experience frost and the occasional light snowfall. No accommodation in South Africa has central heating, however, we do have electric blankets (at Umkomaas) and electric heaters for bedrooms and big open fireplaces in the sitting rooms.

In our cold months of June July and August, we get the occasional cold front. Bring additional warm clothing in case this happens while you are hunting. Especially if you plan on hunting the Stormberg mountains, at altitudes of upwards of 5000ft these mountains get cold in our winter months. Nighttime temperatures can get below freezing.

Clothing & Gear

We recommend hunting in dark camo, olive, browns and dark khaki hunting gear. A lot of hunting is done in undulating terrain so a comfortable pair of hunting boots is essential.

Other important pieces of equipment are good binoculars, a camera, spotting scopes help but are optional as all the PHs carry them. It is a good idea to bring a US/SA plug converter. Our electricity is 220v and compatible with all US appliances, you may however need a US/SA plug in. These can be found at all airports.