The search for adventure and authentic hunting, bonds forged over a cold beer and open fire under the African sky. This is the essence of the modern-day safari: areas that are big and wild, animals that are native to the areas hunted, and areas that allow hunters to realistically expect to hunt game that is old, impressive, and a challenge to pursue.

At Crusader Safaris, we put a premium on the experience, age class, and trophy quality, which are nonnegotiable; when you hunt massive free-range country, this is the expectation. The most important aspect is the people you meet along the way, the stories told and ultimately, our contribution to conservation and the long-term sustainability of the diverse game in wild Africa.

Over the last 20 years, we have built a reputation for hunting wild free-range areas in South Africa; sustainable hunting and real conservation improve our areas every year. The anti-poaching team in the Umkomaas conservancy, predator control in the Baviaansriver and the Kei and the valued relationship with the local rural people and land owners all contribute to the sustainability of the Crusader Safaris way. This conservation model, the Professional hunters, trackers, camp staff, the diverse areas, authentic African camps, scenery and experiences is what Crusader Safaris is all about and what we pride ourselves on.