Crusader Safaris has long been recognised for its free range hunting areas, authentic safari experience, African camps, trophy quality and hunting African animals where they are native, wild and free ranging.

Crusader Safaris is the only outfit offering true free range hunting in South Africa. We hunt two large free range conservancies for animals where they are indigenous and have always been. These wild, free range areas offer an authentic plains game hunting experience for trophy quality animals.

The Baviaansriver and Umkomaas conservancies are not high fenced, free range areas with a large variety of trophy quality indigenous animals that move freely throughout these areas. All hunting is done out of these camps, in these conservancies.

Free Range Hunting South Africa with Crusader Safaris Explained

The concept of hunting free range areas, the experience and authenticity of the hunting takes many years to establish. Crusader Safaris has set up the structure in the Umkomaas valley conservancy and in the Baviaansriver conservancy.

Our camps in both areas are on land that we own, by owning in excess of 100 000 acres and having established long term leases on the rest we are able to manage these areas for great quality and the free range experience that our hunters expect.

It has taken many years of careful planning and management to be able to offer a free range hunting experience where the hunter feels like they are hunting wild Africa. The large conservancies offer unrestricted hunting on all properties. As a hunter it is important to be hunting from camp with the uncertainty of the chase always a factor.

Please go ahead and download our latest brochure with relevant pictures of the camps, terrain and animals taken last season. This will give you a very good idea of the areas and animals we hunt.

The Free Range Baviaansriver Conservancy

This 400 000 acre free range area is a collection of large privately owned properties. Crusader Safaris owns 60 000 acres in the Baviaansriver conservancy with our lodge well situated in the middle of the hunting area. Careful management of the diverse wildlife in the area over many years allows us to offer 30 species in this area.

The Free Range Umkomaas Valley Conservancy

This 150 000 acres of hunting paradise is an area that we are very proud of, wild free range hunting at its best. The best spiral horned antelope hunting where they are indigenous and have always been, many species of free range plains game and some great fresh water fishing all combine to give hunters a real feel of the true African safari experience.

An Authentic Free Range Hunting Experience

Hunting Seasons

In both areas the conservancies are so large that we are permitted to hunt all year round. These are free range hunting areas, managed exclusively for the hunting experience. They are not just properties that happen to have a bit of game on and that are not fenced. Both the Baviaansriver and Umkomaas conservancies are actively managed for a superior hunting experience. All permits are pre applied and strict quotas are set to ensure the sustainability of the hunting going forward.

Maintaining Exclusivity

In both the Baviaansriver and Umkomaas conservancies we have two camps. In these huge areas we like to maintain exclusivity and make sure that the free range experience hunting with us is always respected. As we own a large portion of the land and all the camps this is always an important part of the safari experience and is always respected.

Free Range Buffalo South Africa

Crusader Safaris has sole hunting rights on a large portion of the Balule which is a wild free range area that is managed by the APNR (association of private nature reserves) It is the only free range Buffalo in South Africa and we get the majority of the yearly quota. Quota is allocated in conjunction with SA national parks after the annual survey in October. This free range area for dangerous game compliments our free range plains game areas and can easily be combined. Again it is the only hunt where you can hunt free range Buffalo or other dangerous game and then move to another large free range conservancy to hunt plains game where they are indigenous and naturally occuring.

Free Range Hunting South Africa Videos

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