South Africa has a great diversity to offer the bird hunter. Hunting is very season specific however and the best times to hunt are at the end of May until early September.

Bird Hunting in South Africa

South Africa has a great diversity to offer the bird hunter. Bird hunts can be arranged as part of a plains game safari where a morning or evening will be taken to experience the bird hunting on offer. Depending on the amount of time available usually, two areas will be hunted, the Stormberg mountains and the Free State province in central South Africa. A typical day would be hunting Geese in the early mornings, Greywing Partridge, Francolin and Guineafowl during the day and Ducks over water in the evening. Like all bird hunting the hunt is very season specific and the best times are the end of May until early September.

Greywing Partridge

The Greywing is the fastest flying upland game bird in Africa and a real challenge. They live at an altitude of 5000 ft and are plentiful in the Stormberg. Mornings spent high up in the mountains watching the dogs and enjoying the views are a memorable addition to a plains game hunt and add variety to a bird hunt.

Ducks & Geese

Enjoy hunting the largest goose in the world, the Spurwing and a great variety of ducks and geese endemic to South Africa. The species most commonly targeted are Egyptian Goose, Spurwing Goose, Yellow Billed Duck, Shelduck and Teal. Most hunting is done on the edge of the water and in open fields over decoys.

Pigeons & Doves

Offering an exciting variety of flight patterns pigeons and doves make for some good shooting. These birds are hunted on corn and sunflower crops in the Free State province of central South Africa.

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