Crusader Safaris hunts only large free range conservancies. Animals are all indigenous to these areas and have always been there, offering an authentic hunting experience for superior trophy quality.

Free Range Plains Game Hunting in South Africa

Crusader Safaris has over the last 15 years built quite a reputation for free range unfenced plains game hunting. As a plains game hunting destination, South Africa has something to offer hunters from all over the world with all levels of hunting experience.

Crusader Safaris hunts 3 large free range conservancies, animals are indigenous to these areas, trophy quality is excellent and it is an authentic African hunting experience.

The Baviaansriver conservancy, the Stormberg mountains and the Umkomaas valley conservancy are all large free range hunting areas. With these large free range areas, low hunting pressure, good genetics and food the trophy quality and numbers of game are unmatched. Depending on time and priority animals hunters will hunt a combination of these areas.

The Baviaans river is a 400 000 acre fee range area, traditional lodge and a great variety this area is perfect for first time hunters to Africa or the experienced hunter wanting to pursue specific species. The Stromberg at 5000 feet above sea level has great trophy quality, bird hunting and scenery. The Umkomaas conservancy in KwaZulu natal is an unbelievable free range area, 120 0000 acres, a luxury tented camp on the river, record spiral horned species and beautiful terrain.

These areas and camps are all very different, they present different challenges and hunting experiences. Crusader Safaris allows you to hunt vastly different areas for animals indigenous to these conservancies and experience a luxury tented camp and traditional lodge.

South Africa is a family friendly hunting Safari destination, our hunting areas are free range, wild and authentic, they are all however close to sightseeing opportunities and places of interest. A combination of areas and camps or adding some sightseeing for the family gives you some great options.

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