The Kei River Conservancy is the gateway to the rich history of the Transkei in the north and the rugged Indian Ocean coast to the east. This is wild Africa in South Africa, an incredible hunting experience. The largest Kudu in Africa, monster Eland, Buffalo, Nyala and other plains game.

With strict age-based management, big country and great genetics south of the river and incredible adventure north of the river where traditional rural Africa meets colonial Africa, the Kei River Conservancy is a great addition to the Umkomaas and Baviaansriver areas. The trophy quality is non-negotiable, and the experience in this wild region of South Africa includes so much more than hunting and interaction with the local people. Three hours northeast of the Baviaansriver and five hours south of the Umko, the Kei River Conservancy is two hours from East London International Airport and two hours from the beach house.

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