Crusader Safaris, big game hunting is some of the best true free range, wilderness areas in Southern Africa for big game. These large, wild unfenced areas compliment our free range plains game hunting areas in South Africa.

The Balule in the famous Lowveld of north eastern South Africa, the Sabie Conservancy in Southern Mozambique and the Luangwa and Kafue areas in Zambia all offer real big game hunting opportunities for true free range hunting animals in wilderness areas.

Crusader Safaris Professional Hunters are licensed in all these areas and over the years we have taken some unbelievable trophies. We have hunted The Balule, Mozambique and Zambia for many years and our hunters consistently have unbelievable experiences in these vast and diverse areas, hunting big game.

Experiencing big game hunting where the animals are indigenous, hunting pressure is low and well managed and anti-poaching is successful all contribute to a truly authentic big game hunt.

The Balule in the Lowveld and the Sabie conservancy in southern Mozambique are easily combined with a plains game hunt in both the Umkomaas and Baviaansriver areas.

Crusader safaris has a beach house on the Indian Ocean, great seafood, fishing and sightseeing is available in and around Ponte do Oura. Depending on the time available we can combine your big game hunt with the beach house, fishing and relaxing and some unbelievable free range plains game hunting in the Baviaansriver and Umkomaas areas.

The Balule

Crusader Safaris has secured the hunting rights on a significant portion of the Balule, this is a large unfenced area and forms a portion of the “Greater Kruger Conservancy.”

The Balule is part of the APNR (association of private nature reserves) that controls 650 000 acres of free range big game country on the west of Kruger. Buffalo, Elephant and all the big 5 occur naturally in the Balule.

The camp is a typical rustic hunting camp, luxury chalets and an authentic atmosphere add to this big game hunt.

This large unfenced wilderness area, famous for its big game hunting compliments our free range hunting areas in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal with its diversity and trophy quality.


The Sabie area of southern Mozambique is a magnificent free-range area with some of the best Buffalo, Leopard and plains game hunting in all of Africa.

Ideal habitat, great genes, strict quotas and a very successful anti-poaching operation all ensures that the trophy quality and experience when hunting this vast free-range wilderness area is consistently the best in Southern Africa.

A commercial flight to Maputo from Johannesburg, the luxurious camp is a 3 hour drive from the Maputo airport. Big game fishing, the beach house and an easy 6 hour drive from the free range Umkomaas conservancy make the Sabie area in Southern Mozambique a very good option.

Zambeze Area, Mozambique

Crusader Safaris hunts Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Crocodile, Hippo and plains game in central/western Mozambique. This wild, free range wilderness area is classical Africa.

Mozambique is a country of unimaginable grandeur and beauty, from the warm Indian Ocean that washes 1500 km of its shoreline to the rugged mountains and sweeping bushveld of the hinterland. Situated in western Mozambique, our hunting concession spans over one million acres and comprises typical Zambezi Valley ecosystems, in which occurs an abundance and diversity of free range dangerous and plains game. The area supports very healthy populations of Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo, and a diverse spread of plains game including Eland, Sable, Chobe Bushbuck and Roan Antelope.

The extensive Northern Lake boundary is home to large numbers of Hippo and Crocodile, and offers magnificent bird hunting opportunities. The area not only offers incredible hunting, the lake and river provide for excellent Tiger fishing too. A relaxing sundowner on the boat is a great way to end a hard day of hunting! Getting to the area is really easy, a commercial flight to Tete in Mozambique and then a short charter to main camp.

The Zambeze area has two camps, Main camp on the south bank of the Zambeze river and Mbadzi camp on the shore of lake Cahora Bassa. Both these camps are authentic luxury camps in wild Africa with great views, Lion roaring at night and Hippo grunting in the river.

The season runs from April to the end of November, the hunting is good throughout this time and the fishing better in the early and later months. The Zambeze river area in Mozambique is wild free range, authentic Africa, this compliments our South African hunting and adds to the Crusader Safaris experience.

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