First world airports and easy affordable travel make South Africa a convenient and trouble free hunting destination.


There are daily flights between the US and Europa and South Africa. Delta flies out of Atlanta and South African Airways flies out of Washington DC and New York daily. Both airlines carry firearms. Although relatively long the flights very affordable and comfortable. There are both direct flight options and if you prefer to break the flight up then there are options through Europe.

For those who prefer the security of a professional to book their flights and assist with all travel plans then we suggest using Steve Turner. Steve and Travel With Guns specialize in African safari travel. Steves experience is very helpful regards travel with firearms, customs, insurance, medical requirements and all other travel related matters. Travel With Guns is based in San Antonio, Texas.

Phone: +210 8589833 or +210 3264453

Rifles & Customs

We highly recommend using the services of Henry Durheim when planning your safari. Clearing customs in Johannesburg is a trouble free experience provided you are well prepared, Henry will ensure you are.


When clearing customs in South Africa with a rifle you will need the following information:

  • Letter of invitation (supplied by Crusader Safaris)
  • Proof of ownership of firearm
  • SAP 520 form
  • Copy of passport
  • Return airline ticket

Henry will advise on the above in more detail. He and Steve Turner work together so from booking the airline ticket with Steve to clearing customs with Henry in Johannesburg all details will be well covered.

Medical Precautions

Crusader Safaris hunts large concessions in South Africa. These areas are wild and remote yet we still have the luxury of first world well equipped medical facilities in close proximity to all our camps and hunting areas.

South Africa’s doctors and medical facilities are known around the world for their excellence. We are very fortunate to have the luxury and security of this close to our hunting areas.

With the above in mind, it is important to have comprehensive medical cover when coming on safari to South Africa. With this cover, you will be guaranteed private care in the case of an emergency.

All the areas that we hunt in South Africa are Malaria free. There is no need to take malaria prophylactics when hunting South Africa with Crusader Safaris.

When hunting big game in the Balule you are advised to take malaria drugs. The Lowveld in South Africa is a marginal malaria area and it's better to be safe and take a malaria drug. Your doctor will advise you on the best precautions.

Hepatitis A and B and Tetanus shots can be taken but are not mandatory.

All vehicles are equipped with medical aid supplies. These will be sufficient for minor injuries while out hunting. It is advised to bring a supply of basic medications in case they needed.