Crusader Safaris
Free Range Hunting South Africa

Crusader Safaris’ reputation is built on the fact that we hunt three large free range conservancies in South Africa, 800 000 acres of prime hunting country, with no high fences and animals indigenous to these areas. Exclusive access to these large free range areas, truly African camps and the only free range hunting areas in South Africa. This makes Crusader Safaris is a premier free range hunting South Africa operation, offering an authentic hunting experience for superior trophy quality.

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No High Fences


Large Conservancies


Indigenous Animals


Authentic Experience


Trophy Quality


Free Range

Our Free Range Hunting Conservancies

“Exclusive access to the best free range hunting areas in South Africa, hunting animals in their native habitat, unfenced, for superior quality and an authentic experience, ensures you the best African Hunting Safaris.”

~ Andrew Pringle, Owner & Manager

Plains Game Hunting

Crusader Safaris has over the last 15 years built quite a reputation for free range unfenced plains game hunting. As a plains game hunting destination, South Africa has something to offer hunters from all over the world with all levels of hunting experience.

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Big Game Hunting

Crusader Safaris, big game hunting hunts some of the best true free range, wilderness areas in Southern Africa for big game. These large, wild unfenced areas compliment our free range plains game hunting areas in South Africa.

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Bow Hunting

Free range, fair chase bowhunting in South Africa with Crusader Safaris is a challenging and rewarding hunt. As all our areas are unfenced we cannot control the food, water and natural movement of the animals, making it a real hunt.

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Bird Hunting

South Africa has a great diversity to offer the bird hunter. Bird hunts can be arranged as part of a plains game safari where a morning or evening will be taken to experience the bird hunting on offer. Like all hunting bird hunting is very season specific and the best times are the end of May until early September.

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