23 Oct 2017

2018 Show Season and Visit to the US

The 2017 season has been another great year for Crusader Safaris. We have bee...

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03 Oct 2017

Free Range Kudu Hunting Combines Two Thrills in One

Free-range kudu hunting combines two thrills in one. It combines the excitement of hunting a f...

Paul Nyala
25 May 2017

Free Range Nyala Hunting

Crusader Safaris specializes in free range Nyala hunting in South Africa, a free range Nyala i...

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25 May 2017

Free Range Kudu Hunting

The grey Ghost, Southern Greater Kudu or Cape Kudu. These magnificent animals are always a top...

25 May 2017

Free Range Plains Game Hunting

Crusader Safaris is continually recognised as the best plains game outfit in South Africa, we ...

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25 May 2017

Free Range vs Ranch Hunting

Crusader Safaris is best known for offering unbelievable free range hunting on big conservanci...

Ant Pennimpede
27 Mar 2017

2005 Review

27 Mar 2017

SA Customs

27 Mar 2017

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