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19 Sep 2019

Final Day - Hunting the Baviaansriver Valley

Hunting the Baviaansriver Valley is a great experience, as it has a mix of large trophy Kudu, ...

26 Aug 2019

Day 2 - Nyala and Kudu Hunting in the Umkomaas Valley

Guy Venter takes us on day through the Umkomaas Valley in search of large trophy Nyala & K...

04 Apr 2018

This is Africa - Absolutely Lekker - Day 2 The Hunt Begins

There’s no better way to wake a camp of hunters with the deep crack of a 338 win mag being sig...

03 Oct 2017

Free Range Kudu Hunting Combines Two Thrills in One

Free-range kudu hunting combines two thrills in one. It combines the excitement of hunting a f...