The Africa Hunting Story - It Get's in your Blood

15 May 2018
Dudek Blesbok Hunt

Africa hunting is truly special and every hunter's dream by Edward J. Dudek

I am back from one of the greatest adventures of my life!

To travel to South Africa to hunt is every hunter's dream. To be able to share this with my son Matt made it extra special.

Dudek Bushbuck Hunt

Not only did we have a great hunt, but we learned about the culture of the people and how hunting and conservation contribute to the local economy and the welfare of the people in the surrounding areas.

Money from hunting built a school we visited on one of the ranches we hunted and the meat from Matt's Kudu will feed these kids for several months. The people treated us like royalty.

Thanks to Andrew Pringle and our PH (professional hunter) Rad Robertson from Crusader Safaris for going above and beyond to make our trip perfect.

Dudek Warthog Hunt

Thanks also to Kuda our cook for wonderful meals, our trackers Ay-Abonga, Boyze and Taxi our tracker dog. Also thanks to the housekeepers, maids and skinners....also the many people behind the scenes we never met.

Once Africa gets in your blood you will always go back!