SA Customs

27 March 2017

A question that I often get asked by clients and prospective clients that are booking a trip to South Africa is, how bad the new gun regulations really are.

South Africa it is true recently did tighten up on the customs requirements on foreign hunter bringing firearms into the country. The bad reports that I have heard about inneficient customs officials and time wastin at the customs clearing office are in my experience not true. We have not encountered any difficulties of yet with customs and have found that if you are 100% prepared and have the right paperwork handy you will not have a problem and will get through in 20 minutes.

Here is a short breakdown as to the most efficient way to go about obtaining and preparing the paperwork that you will need.

Once you have booked your hunt and confirmed the dates with us we will send you a package of documentation to help you prepare for the safari. 

All the information and paperwork that you need will be included aswell as directions on how best to go about completing it.

The following are the documents and particulars that you need to have with you.

  1. Passport
  2. A return airline ticket
  3. A letter of invitation and safari contract on official Crusader safaris letterhead. The safari contract is a document stating the details of your safari, dates and duration aswell as our contact details.
  4. prior to you departure we will contact you to see what rifle you intend to bring on safari, this we will endorse on the safari contract as the rifle that you will need to be using on safari aswell as the animals that you will be hunting. The rifle obviously has to suite the type of safari that we are undertaking. Keep this contract with you as you will need to produce it at the customs office in South Africa.
  5. A temporary import permit called the SAP520 form will be sent to you in the package. This form is pretty self explanatory and easy to complete. It must however be completed in black ink.
  6. A temporary export permit from US customs will be completed on departure, it will also need to be produced at South African customs.
  7. A firearm licence or proof of ownership. This can take the form of a licence that shows the firearm registered in your name or some type of proof of payment. I also reccomend you paying a visit to the local sheriff, get him to put it in writing that you own the rifle and that he endorses your trip. This is not an essential document but if you get that confirmed on USPD letterhead it will make a big differance on your arrival in Johhanesburg.