Giving Back to the Community

10 January 2019
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Hunting is coming under increased pressure from anti-hunting organisations and propaganda from anti-hunting lobbyists. At Crusader Safaris we feel that we have a responsibility to give back to the communities that live in and around the areas we hunt.

Benefiting communities we hunt in

We are very fortunate at Crusader Safaris to have exclusive access to the only true and authentic free range hunting in South Africa. We own a substantial amount of land in these conservancies, the balance is secured on long term leases from the chiefs of communal land and the government. It is very important that the quality of the hunting experience improves every year and that the game numbers continue to grow.

With this in kind, there has to be a vested interest for the communities and people surrounding this area. There are no fences, no security guards, just true wild free range country. This is special and very unique. The following is what Crusader Safaris is doing to maintain and improve this. We would love to show you when you are on safari.

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Community Projects and Development

Phateni school

Crusader Safaris has a school upliftment project with Mr Mtuli the headmaster and the Phateni school. Crusader Safaris supports the school through financial assistance and purchasing basic goods and necessities that are in short supply.

Crusader Safaris has also undertaken to do basic maintenance at Phateni school, the facilities and premises are in bad need of painting, tree removal, water tanks etc.

A majority of the young school kids have benefitted enormously from our food program at Phateni school. Through the Crusader Safaris hunting operations there is often meat from game hunted. Instead of selling this meat we donate it to the school so that the kids can get a well-balanced meal at school and thereby improve their nutrition and performance.

This relationship is something we intend to grow. Crusader Safaris clients are all foreigners who want to help the community. Through direct financial assistance and gifts the school benefits and as a hunting operation we achieve the goal of an inclusive conservation project.

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Crusader Safaris is associated with many big foreign non-profit organisations. All these organisations are set up to benefit poor communities and schools. We are working with them to the benefit of the Phateni school and greater community.

Crusader Safaris has worked with SCI and DSC for many years and their initiatives to give back to communities where they hunt and to improve the lives that these communities l is a high priority of these hunting groups.

Wood Project

The Umkomaas valley conservancy has a surplus of wood, the community, especially in winter, has a need for warmth and cooking material. Crusader Safaris has a team that cuts wood and delivers it to an old woman and those incapable of supplying wood for themselves.

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Meat - feeding the community

A product of the hunting and eco-tourism industry is meat and protein production. Crusader Safaris has chosen an inclusive arrangement and relationship with the community. A portion of all meat animals harvested is donated to the school and people in need. In this category especially are old woman and children.

For more information on the great free range hunting available with Crusader Safaris and what we as a hunting organisation are doing for the community and people less fortunate than us contact Andrew on

All these social upliftment and community projects are not possible without you the hunter. For those that have contributed, thank you. It is efforts like these that really make a tangible difference that ultimately will save wild African hunting.