Free Range vs Ranch Hunting

25 May 2017
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Free Range Hunting and Ranch Hunting Differences

Crusader Safaris is best known for offering unbelievable free range hunting on big conservancies in South Africa. We are the only outfit offering a free range hunt in South Africa for animals indigenous to those areas. This allows us to hunt 3 unique and very different environments, all offering their own unique hunting challenges, animals and scenic beauty.

Our 3 camps are all different, a traditional African tented camp on the Umkomaas River in the Umkomaas Valley, a thatched lodge in the Baviaansriver and an old safari camp in the Balule, where the big 5 can be heard and seen every day.

A few factors need to be highlighted as to why hunting free range areas is a positive factor when considering a safari. Not everyone knows this is available in South Africa and given the choice, it is the authentic hunting experience we are all looking for.

  • The animals we hunt are indigenous to the areas where we hunt them. As the areas are free range and animals movement is not restricted it is comforting to know and very important that these animals are indigenous and have always been there. For us put and take is not hunting and not an option. Animals in their indigenous environment are naturally better quality as is the hunt. As a hunter, it is important that you are assured that the animals being hunted have always been there and were not bought at a game auction.
  • There is no sliding scale or pay per inch system. These are wild animals, the quality of trophies harvested over the years says a lot about the trophy quality in the areas. As the hunter, you pay the same for the truly exceptional animals as well as the good old ones. Some animals are seen and never shot. This is hunting and at the end of the season, we hope to have taken some exceptional animals and a lot of really good old males. 
  • Even though it is free range there is no shortage of animals and you will see as much wildlife as on any game park/game ranch. As discussed I believe the trophy quality is better as is the hunting experience.
  • All hunting is done in these three conservancies out of the camps/lodges in the conservancy. No unnecessary travelling from place to place to find animals to hunt.

I have often heard it said that there is no free range hunting in South Africa. That the only areas with quality game and animals are fenced game ranches. For over 15 years Crusader Safaris has time and again proven that we have great free range hunting for indigenous animals, top end trophy quality and the most authentic South African hunting experience.