Free Range Trophy Nyala Hunting

03 April 2019
Colton Heward And Family Nyala

Nyala is one of the premier flagship Southern African plains game species.

Crusader Safaris is fortunate to offer the best and only true free range, indigenous wild populations of trophy Nyala hunting. An area where realistically you will take a record book trophy animal in an authentic hunting area out of a tented camp in the heart of a massive free-range conservancy.

The allure of an African hunt

Africa as all hunters who are lucky and adventurous enough will tell you has a way of drawing you back. The people, the hunting and mystery surrounding this great continent is contagious. Whether it be a plains game hunt, a dangerous game hunt or a combination of both there is always another challenge, another adventure or something new to see.

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Nkoxweni Conservancy in the Umkomaas Valley

The Nkoxweni conservancy in the Umkomaas Valley is a 100 000-acre free range conservancy with huge populations of Nyala, Southern Greater Kudu, Cape Bushbuck, Bushpig, Waterbuck, Common Reedbuck and many more species. Crusader Safaris owns 15 000 acres and leases the balance from the local Zulu community and private landowners. This ownership mix, the interaction with the local villagers and the beautiful country makes for an authentic experience and some monster Nyala.

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Hanard (11)

2018 Was a record year for Nyala Hunting

2018 Was no exception, without a doubt the best year for Crusader Safaris and trophy Nyala Hunting. The hunting has been exceptional. A number of bulls over and touching that 30-inch mark, many more gold medal quality and all just old massive bodied, heavy horned trophy Nyala bulls. It is a real privilege to hunt this area, to be able to leave the tented camp just as the sun starts to warm the valley bottoms not knowing if its Nyala, Southern Greater Kudu or Bushbuck that will appear first. It may even be one of the many other species that naturally call this wild free range country home.

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The real excitement of an Umko hunt

Many hunters will take a good Nyala bull and as it is such a rewarding hunt, the excitement and action-packed day usually leads to the discovery of a further 40 or 50 bulls from sunrise to sunset. They will then hunt for a second bigger bull, to enjoy the challenge and experience the Umko and prolong the hunt. Some will be successful on a second bigger bull others not but all will have fun doing it.

Nyala hunted in the Umkomaas Valley

Here are some of the Nyala hunted by Crusader Safaris in the Umko Valley. All free range, all indigenous to the area and are also born and bred there.

Michael Dunk Nyala

Hudgins (16)

2019 Looks to be just as good as last year. October traditionally the back end of the season has seen us see more Nyala than ever before. The long-awaited rain has been late this year, the bush is open and the green grass in the valley just started to shoot. These conditions are ideal for hunting Nyala and Bushbuck. This bodes well for the rest of 2019 and we can't wait to get you out there to experience it.

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