Free Range Plains Game Hunting

25 May 2017

Crusader Safaris is continually recognised as the best plains game outfit in South Africa, we hunt 1,2 million acres of unfenced conservancy land on the Eastern side of South Africa. The three large conservancies enable us to hunt animals in their indigenous habitat, unfenced and unrestricted.

All animals are hunted in the Baviaansriver conservancy , Umkomaas valley and Stormberg mountains . These animals are all free range and are indigenous to these areas and this habitat. It is very unique to be able to hunt all these species and the quality of the animals out of out three camps.

Most of the terrain is undulating, water is plentiful and the bush can be thick in areas. The most successful and enjoyable means of hunting is spot and stalk. A good network of roads enables you to get to a vantage point on ATVs and 4 x4 vehicles. Once worthy game has been spotted as much hunting as possible will be done on foot.

On plains game hunts we recommend that you bring your own rifle with good optics. Rifles are available for hire with prior arrangements. For the larger plains game species a good choice is 30 06, 7mm, 300 win mag and 338 type calibres. On the smaller plains game animals 223 and 243 type are good.A good expanding bullet is recommended, Nosler, Hornady, Trophy bonded and Barnes X have all proved themselves in the past.