Free Range Nyala Hunting

25 May 2017
Paul Nyala

Crusader Safaris specializes in free range Nyala hunting in South Africa, a free range Nyala in its native habitat is a great hunt.

On an African plains game hunt, there are many options and that is the beauty of hunting Africa. A Nyala is often a priority animal on a second trip once the more common animals have been hunted and you want to focus more on particular species.

Nyala Hunting in the Umkomaas Valley

We hunt all our Nyala in the Umkomaas Valley. The thick bush, food and genetics in the area allow the Nyala to grow into impressive trophies. There are no Nyala in the Baviaans River Conservancy as they are not indigenous to the Eastern Cape and surrounding area.

Like Kudu and Bushbuck, Nyala are most active in the early mornings and late evenings. On really hot days they will also drink at midday. The thick bush, genetics and age class of Nyala in the Umkomaas Valley allow these Nyala to grow into really impressive trophies.

A Typical Nyala Hunting Experience

A typical Nyala hunt starts before sunrise, a hot cup of coffee and a game plan with the PH. It’s important to get to a good vantage point with the sun at your back and the breeze in your face. After a cold night, Nyala will always seek out the sun for those first few hours. They have a very good sense of smell so being aware of the wind is important.

We are very fortunate to hunt Nyala where they are free ranging, good food and unrestricted movement allow for good expectations. As a hunter given enough time, and time these days is always the limiting factor, you can expect an old bull of over 27 inches.

When everything lines up and it’s your day you might get something even bigger and it’s not unusual to find a Nyala close to 30 inches but these are monstrous Nyala.

"Without being able to guarantee anyone anything it's very reassuring to know that these huge bulls are out there and that everyone has a fair chance." - Andrew Pringle Crusader Safaris