Free Range Kudu Hunting

25 May 2017
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The grey Ghost, Southern Greater Kudu or Cape Kudu. These magnificent animals are always a top priority for hunters on an African plains game hunt.

Whether it’s your first Kudu, an attempt to improve on your last bull or collecting all subspecies, to be able to hunt these animals in large free range areas is mostly a rewarding and sometimes frustrating challenge.

Cape Kudu & Southern Greater Kudu in the Baviaans River & Umkomaas Valley

Crusader Safaris has two areas where we hunt Kudu, the Baviaans River is a 400 000 acre area in the Eastern Cape and the Umkomaas Valley is a 100 000 acre area in Zululand. The Baviaans is where the Cape Kudu is native and the Umkomaas has a good indigenous population of Southern Greater Kudu.

The unique beauty of these areas is that they are big and not high fenced, all animals are indigenous and free range, a unique environment for South Africa. This unrestricted movement allows for exceptional trophies. There are no guarantees other than lots of animals and a great hunt.

Kudu Hunting vs Mid-West Elk Hunting

Kudu hunting is very similar to a mid-west Elk hunt. Lots of glassing and lots of patience is needed. The country in both areas is rolling hills and like Elk most movement is experienced in the early mornings and evenings. Shots vary from 50 yards to 350 yards and everything in between. Being able to cover ground and shoot off sticks is essential.

In the Umkomaas you can expect to see one or two good mature Southern Greater bulls a day. Usually, these animals will be between 52 and 55 inches. Every year, some lucky hunters could expect to take one and sometimes even two bulls in and around 60 inches. In a free range area, these numbers are great and that’s down to great genetics, excellent food, good cover and low hunting pressure.

In the Baviaans River, there are good numbers of Cape Kudu, slightly smaller and darker than the Southern Kudu but just as challenging. Normally three or four days are needed to find a good bull here. A good East Cape Kudu will measure anything above 45 inches.

"On a plains game hunt a Kudu, Cape or Southern Greater is a great challenge. If you are considering an African plains game hunt look into free range Kudu, in their natural environment with us." - Andrew Pringle Crusader Safaris