First-hand Experience of Free Range Hunting in Africa

26 September 2019
Free Range Fair Chase Hunting In South Africa 2

Charles joined Crusader Safaris for his 5th fair chase true free range hunt and this is his first-hand experience of free range hunting in Africa

I waited for my kids to be out of college before I went to Africa for the first time. As a matter of fact, my son brought me and paid for my first trip as my retirement present. He said it was to repay all the time I spent with him in the field him. I think he knows though that every moment was my absolute privilege, but I certainly appreciate the sentiment. I’ve been back five times since that first trip in 2011 and it just keeps getting better.

Free Range Fair Chase Hunting In South Africa 3

Fair chase - Free range hunting with Crusader Safaris

I always thought hunting in South Africa was a high fence affair, I have spent my entire hunting life living by the fair chase mentality, and I was worried I might end up compromising my commitment. I was thrilled to discover that Crusader Safaris lives and breathes fair chase, massive conservancies, free range indigenous animals and a true hunting ethic make hunting with them a trip of a lifetime every time.

Free Range Fair Chase Hunting In South Africa

Hunting in South Africa is more cost effective

The travel and logistics where intimidating before my first safari but it is actually easier and less expensive to hunt Africa for 4-5 animals than to do a trophy elk hunt out west. I’m a bit of a rifle crank, and I brought my pet rifle on the first few trips, it was painless with the help of the Crusader team. On the last few trips, however, I travelled with carry-on baggage only and borrowed one of Crusader’s McMillan stocked custom rifles. I can simply hop on a plane, sleep and arrive with no fuss at all.

Free Range Fair Chase Hunting In South Africa 4

Creating memories with Crusader Safaris

I’ve taken some great trophies on my trips with Crusader Safaris and the memories I’ve shared with my sons and nephew are some of the fondest of my life. Andrew and his team have become close trusted friends. I’ve booked my next trip with them in 2020 and we are looking at buffalo in 2021!