Early Season Review 2006

27 March 2017

The first two months of the 2006 season have come and gone. The Virginians, Glenn Bailey, Doc Mowbray and Dennis Perkins and their wives had a really successful 14 day safari. Veteran Bear hunter Ken Faith and his wife Jackie of Altoona, PA where back for their 2 nd trip. George and Debbie Wheeler come on their first African safari and have rebooked for 2008 and the first client of the season was the lovely Melinda Calnan of Eugene, OR.
With a couple of weeks of preparation and scouting ahead of us before some big safaris towards the end of the month here is a brief reflection on the first few months and a look at what else we are planning for the rest of the 2006 season.

As always we pride ourselves on the fact that all our hunting is done far away from high fenced enclosures, with animals moving freely through all our hunting areas scouting before the season is vitally important. Sometimes we find these animals again, sometimes we don’t, this year we have been lucky and have managed to harvest some impressive trophies that we had seen pre season.

The spiral horned animals have again been great in the early season and should remain so throughout the season. Good Kudu, Nyala, Bushbuck and Eland have already been taken and lots of others have been seen and are still out there.

Definitely the highlight of the season so far is the 63 inch Kudu taken by Dennis Perkins of Virginia. This is the trophy of a lifetime for both the hunter and us as outfitters and was a memorable hunt. Numbers like that are not standing behind every bush but it is very encouraging to know that they are out there and with some good skill and a little luck who knows!!!

The quality of Vaal Rhebok has been top end again, lots of scouting and low hunting pressure are the two contributing factors here and history shows that, under the right conditions when it comes to Vaal Rhebok we are hunting nothing less than a book animal. Add the “Vaalie” to the Mountain and the Southern and you have an impressive Reedbuck slam.

Looking ahead the preparation for the bird hunting is in good shape. The Western Cape has had some long awaited late fall rain resulting in the return of the waterfowl to the fields of the Cape. The good season in the Stormberg has meant a good clutch of Greywings and the potential for excellent hunting and with some luck the forest dwelling Rameron pigeons will hang around long enough for some good shoots.

The bow hunting is also looking solid, some quality trophies have been caught on the camtrackers over food plots and water and some of the new blinds are showing promise. As the winter sets in and the grass and water runs short this situation should get better and better with animals chasing what food remains.

If the remainder of the season can match up to the beginning then we are in for some exciting times. That’s all for now and we look forward to catching up with all of you in the next few months.

Andrew and Chris