Crusader Safaris Camps

20 December 2018
Free Range Baviaans Concervancy

Africa has a feel about it that no other continent has, the smells, sounds and sights of the bush are always special. 

An authentic African hunting camp should be just that. Comfort, atmosphere, ambience, views and location are all words that spring to mind when thinking about the essential characteristics of a camp on safari. All of the above are important but the most important is the feel of the camp and the hunting area, this cannot be recreated, it is either there or it is not!!

Crusader Safaris has the attraction of being able to offer two very different camps in two very different areas. Both these camps have that feel, they are located in the middle of two very big free-range conservancies. Wake up to the sounds of the majestic African Fish Eagle looking for Yellowfish in the nearby Umko river. A troop of Baboons in the Baviaans always keep you from sleeping in. Bushbuck drinking and feeding on the banks of the Umko while you enjoy your evening meal and a glass of fine South African red wine. These real safari experiences are what makes a hunting camp authentic.

The Umko camp in the middle of the 100 000 acres free range Umkomaas conservancy is a beautiful tented camp. Bushbuck, Nyala, Warthog and Kudu are regular visitors. Fish eagle, wood owl and loeries all call the massive White Stinkwoods that surround the camp home. The Umko tented consists of 6 en suite tents. These beautiful tented chalets all have indoor and outdoor showers, wall heaters, electric blankets and private verandas that overlook the river. To be able to come back to this beautiful tented camp in the evening after hunting the monster free range animals of the Umko is an experience we are very fortunate to offer.

Impala Umko Camp

Down south in the Eastern Cape is the Baviaansriver lodge, in the massive Baviaansriver conservancy, this brick and thatch lodge has a wonderful character. Set high on the hill overlooking the 400 000 acre conservancy and the Baviaansriver you will get a feel of the wide open spaces and free range hunting on offer. It feels like you can see forever and often you can.
Baboons roosting on the distant cliffs and from time to time in camp, Vaal Rhebuck, Mountain Reedbuck and herds of Cape Kudu can all be seen moving in and out of the wooded valleys looking for food and water. The Baviaansriver lodge has 6 en suite chalets, electric blankets for those cold winters nights and fireplaces all contribute to the ambience of this true African hunting camp.

Whether you are hunting the free range Nyala, Southern Greater Kudu or Bushbuck in the Umko, the many species of the Baviaansriver or a combination of both these two, authentic African camps only add to the experience. Both set the heart of the conservancies it is an unreal and ultimately unique experience to be able to hunt all the species that Crusader Safaris offers in their indigenous habitats and out of the same camps and on top of that free-ranging. No travelling from place to place just good old school hunting for premium quality trophy animals.

An African safari is more than just pulling the trigger. The experience and memories are just as important. Go to for more information on these areas. How they work so well together and how this unique experience of hunting two areas out of two camps for animals that are free-range and indigenous to these areas allows Crusader Safaris to offer the most authentic plains game hunt available in South Africa.