2008 Hunt

27 March 2017
Becky Richards

It has been a while since the site was last updated and there have been some significant happenings at Crusader Safaris.

Most importantly Chris and Melinda got engaged, this happened two weeks ago in Vegas. There are no solid weddings plans of yet but it looks like they will be having the ceremony early in 2009.

I am putting this update together at the Baton Rouge airport in Louisiana as I head back to South Africa after a really successful marketing trip. We attended the SCI show in Reno NV, the Shot show in Vegas and the Eastern show in Harrisburg, PA. These shows are all different and together with our good friends from BearPaw Outfitting in Alberta Canada the shows where all really successful. Thanks to all of you who came and said hello and started to plan new hunting trips, it’s always good to catch up and talk about good hunting and good times.

Between shows we spent some time on the road visiting with hunters and potential hunters, there are too many people to thank for their generosity and hospitality but we always appreciate the help from everyone, we looking forward to taking all of you hunting in Africa soon.

Right now the 2008 season is looking in great shape we will be starting in March and hunting right through to September.

The new lodge in the Baviaans River Conservancy is almost completely done we will have it up and running for the start of the season. The lodge itself has turned out really nicely, it is way back in the hills North of the old camp and has some spectacular views and scenery.

Once again this season we will be hunting all the areas that we have traditionally hunted, our two concessions in the Eastern Cape, the Baviaans and Stormberg areas. Up in Natal we have got a new area leased, this is in Northern Zululand and complements the Umkomaas and Drakensberg areas very well. This takes the total area that we hunting to a little over 1 million acres, when discussing this with a friend of mine he went back and did the math figuring out that it was an area bigger than Rhode Island.

I am on my way back to Africa to get some pre season scouting in before the action starts, Chris will be in the US until March 10 and can be contacted on his cell at 1971 4095615. Right now he is busy getting all paper work out for our 2008 hunters so if you have not received the necessary papers it will not be long before you have them. He is also busy scheduling the 2009 season, it is still early but if you know when you want to come hunting don’t hesitate to call him to lock in those dates.

We are going to be real busy this season but will make time to regularly update the site with the progress of the season as well as some photos of some of the animals getting put in the salt.

Andrew and Chris