2007 Season Review

27 March 2017

The 2006 season has finally been wrapped up, all our 2006 clients have been contacted regarding taxidermy and shipping arrangements. If there are any queries regarding this aspect of the safari and the progress of your work do not hesitate to call us or the relevant taxidermist or shipping agent.

As mentioned earlier the season went off really well and met all of our expectations, there was a consistant level of trophy quality produced aswell as a number of real top end animals. It is this consistancy that we aim to maintain in 2007 while all the time trying to find those “once in a lifetime” trophies that differentiate us as a trophy hunting outfit rather than a outfit killing representative animals.

Looking ahead to 2007 our first focus is the trade show and marketing trip to the US in early Jan and Feb. We will be visiting old clients and potential new ones accross the States and attending the SCI show in Reno, NV and the Eastern outdoor show in Harrisburg, PA. The SCI show is from the 24th to the 27th of Jan where we share a double booth with Bearpaw outfitting out of Alberta Canada, the booth numbers at SCI are 3310 and 3312. From there all of us, Crusader safaris and Bearpaw all head north for the show in Harrisburg which is from the 3rd to the 11th of February. It is always good to see you all again so come around and visit at both venues.

Regarding bookings for 2007, right now the season is looking very busy which is a good thing. We are in the process of contacting everyone booked for 2007 to confirm dates and details and to give us all time to prepare for the safari. Although the season is filling up fast our dates are flexible as is the duration of the season in Africa, with this in mind we can always make a plan to accomodate you at the times that best suite you. The season starts in March and we hunt right up to September, the weather and hunting conditions do not change much over that period. The amount of cover and the warmth of the days may vary a little but this does not significantly effect your chances of seeing and killing good animals. Right now would be a good time to start checking your calendar and contacting us with the dates that work best for you, if you are planning a trip with Crusader safaris in 2007. We are in Canada at the moment and can be contacted on email at or by telephone at 1780 6185960, both are good and if you leave a message we will get right back to you.

We have both been lucky enough to spend the fall hunting Northern Alberta. Six weeks into the fall season and the hunting has been great, as always the Peace region has produced top end Mule Deer. Bearpaw outfitting once again impressing with the consistant quality of Mule Deer taken in the early fall, a real good effort taking the drought into consideration. The dryest year in a long time according to the locals. With the dry and warm weather conditions that have been prevelant in the North the waterfowl hunting has been unconsistant but good. We got a big inflow of birds early on but thanks to the tropical weather conditions have not had the regular flights of Northern birds that you need to keep the birds coming into the decoys easily.

November brings with it the excitement of Whitetail season, these deer get hunters from all over the world’s blood boiling and with some luck the big deer caught on camera and scouting trips during October will hang around long enough to end up in the salt during November.

Till next time,
Andrew and Chris